Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sophmore Year of University

One regret I have for this blog is not posting anything about first year. Well to be fair I did have a few posts but I took them down and kept them in drafts because I didn't want to expose so much about myself but who am I kidding, this year shall be different! Second year of university has been really interesting to put it simply; I've moved into my first apartment shared with 4 other girls and it has been a whirlwind of adventures and some tensions (not gonna lie).

Living on my own (first year doesn't count because dorms made the transition too easy almost) was such a nuisance in the beginning. I disliked cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, and all those grown up chores. Now it's not so bad I supposed, the issue here is that I'm lazy. Meals have gotten less creative, whereas in the beginning of the year I would make chicken, broccoli, Alfredo pasta, but now I just make instant noodles and broccoli. Whoops. Second year academic wise has been easier? Now that I know how to study for my courses and have somewhat of a routine (compared to first year which was hectic) school isn't too bad. I'm doing relatively better than first year and I like almost all of my first semester courses which is nice.

The one thing about living away from home that sucks it the homesickness. Sometimes I can go long periods on my own and feel okay and that I can take on the world, but other times I miss home real bad. Having a job where I had to work on Saturdays also inhibited me from going home because it's so difficult to find replacements. I probably felt really bad homesickness twice which isn't so bad I guess.

Randomly, I've decided to look up publishing/editorial/writing internships just to change up my typical summer job path (AKA lifeguarding...). It's crazy how much stuff is out there; certain ones I'm interested in are this Harlequin Enterprise Editorial Intern position, any Simon & Schuster positions really, Elle Canada writing internships, and Corus Entertainment (AKA the production company that has W Network). These jobs all sound so exciting to me because they all have to do with production and the entertainment industry which is different. I might just apply to them all and see whatever comes back (if anything comes back) because it would be so cool and nice to experience something different!

With exams coming up who knows when I'll see this blog again, but it's definitely nice taking the time to relax and write. It's not like anyone reads this so I'll be free from judgment (for now). It's just a place for me to be open and let the words flow whether they are coherent or not. It's different when you're writing rather than telling a friend all these things because you don't remember what you say. At least for me that is, it's also interesting to see how my writing has progressed over the years because it's definitely improved.

Anyway, let's end it off with a selfie and a memorable memory so far of my second year.

Until next time!
Suzy Zhang

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