Wednesday, 13 May 2015

First Year Teaching Placement: Day Eight

          Today is the third last day of my teaching placement, and it was pretty hard to be honest. Like I'm starting to notice all the students and their exceptionalities and how difficult it is to keep them focused and learning. So we started the day off with a lesson about main ideas where Miss. Anderson used a powerpoint we found on the internet, then we had some silent reading time. I mostly tried to read with the students who were not very good or had a difficult time. So I was helping Georgia read, and we were sitting on the carpet next to each other and I guess Harper saw and was jealous so she was like "Miss. Zhang, look at how many pages I can read" and was kind of boasting, it was pretty hilarious that they were prying for my attention. So I just smiled and continued reading with Georgia but you can tell that Harper was jealous because she's used to getting a lot of attention. Then it was recess and after that we had math which was a continuation on ordinal numbers and then we had Roots of Empathy and the lady brought in a baby and it was so strange to watch. The baby was like displayed for the class and it seemed so weird and unnatural. The lady teaching was talking about the baby's needs and how it looks like when she eats a food she likes versus something that she doesn't like. It was weird how the students needed to be taught how to behave like this or notice these kinds of changes in facial expressions and what not. The teacher was a little bit psycho but I understood her good intentions nonetheless.
        After lunch Antonia saw me and came to me and was like "Miss. Zhang I was bullied at recess again" and I was thinking "ugh here we go again" so I told her to come into the class to talk to me and she started to talk to me and then I noticed that the kids were trying to come into the class but I don't like when they do that so I held the door closed. And then the kids thought that it was a game and started pulling at the handle, but I really didn't want the kids to come in because then I can't get them out so I was holding the door handle. And then Miss. Anderson saw and lectured them about how inappropriate their actions were and I felt really hopeless and realized how bad at classroom management I am. Then I taught a lesson on movement and it was okay? Some of the students weren't too engaged which was frightening but that was because I was talking a lot but it seemed okay, not great but mediocre. It was definitely an experience for me for sure! Then I gave them a worksheet to do which was pretty good because they did it. Then it was already the end of the day, and I realized that these kids are a lot more psycho than I previously thought. Tomorrow we have a field trip so that should be fun!

Until next time!
Suzy Zhang

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