Thursday, 14 May 2015

First Year Teaching Placement: Day Nine

        Oh my! It's the second last day of my teaching placement! It's such a strange feeling because I've been so productive for the past two weeks and waking up at 7 a.m every morning (not 6 a.m anymore because that's just unrealistic and too painful) and coming back at 4-5 p.m everyday, it's like a set routine. Anyway today we went to Forest Valley and let me just say that being the student and the teacher are two very different experiences. As a student, you just need to worry about yourself and having fun but as a teacher you have to make sure everyone is paying attention and not running away and that everyone is safe. It's quite stressful, I never really realized before. So we started the trip with the bus ride to the location and this boy Jonah was begging to sit next to me so I was like "fine..." I mean he's a really nice guy and all, it's just that he's too close to me and is really touchy so that's kind of weird. So it's kind of difficult to establish a teacher and student relationship when he thinks of me as his friend, it's difficult to draw the line there sometimes. So we started the trip with an introduction and I think that the Forest Valley lady sounded like Miranda Sings so that was pretty hilarious, and then we went on a hike. The hike was alright but the lady spoke a lot and as an "adult" it was difficult to hear someone speak so condescendingly for such a long period of time haha. During the hike some kids fell, some cried, some rebelled, but other than that it was fine I guess.
         Now it was lunch and after we ate, we played at the playground and boy was it ever difficult. The boys and girls were playing this game where they were against each other and only one gender could claim territory of this shack but they had to fight for it, literally fight for it. Like I've never seen kids so aggressive before. One of the other kids punched Jonah in the face and then he bursted out crying and ran to me and hugged me and then in my head I was like "oh god, here we go again" so I had to console him. Then we had some games and most of the students didn't want to play so that was interesting. Then at the end of the day they gave us lemonade which was too sweet but it was nice of them to do that and on the bus ride home Jonah had to sit next to me again for whatever reason. And he was getting way too comfortable with me like he kissed my arm which was weird and he invited me to his home and I was like "what would we do at your home" and he was like "talk" and I was thinking "wow.... okay this kid is so strange" so yeah he's very attached to me to say the least. The day was overall really nice and Miss. Anderson let me go an hour early so that was so good. Also, yesterday I think, we had a really tough day with screaming at the students and all that and she was like "I need to go home a have a drink" and that killed me haha.

Until next time!
Suzy Zhang

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