Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Eight

Life is good, life is so so good. Today was one of the best teaching days ever! So we started off the day counting all the students and getting them ready to get on the school bus for the field trip. Then once they all loaded on the school bus very calmly and obediently, I sat in the front with Diane and we chatted the whole way there. We talked about her husband and we talked about my boyfriend and a bunch of super cool stuff. She is so easy to talk to and is so nice to talk to at the same time. When we arrived at the ROM we went straight to the Mexican clothing exhibit and I learned a lot there. For example, I learned how Mexicans create yarn from wool and the various plants and things they use to dye their yarns with in order to create the different colours. I learned that Mexicans use clothing as a form of self expression to differentiate themselves from the other tribes as well as an outward expression of their religion and beliefs. Then Diane and I walked around for a bit and viewed the other exhibits since the Mexican one was so small.

Eventually Diana suggested that we share a coffee because she was feeling quite tired and I was happy to share. So when we got to the check out we explained that we were using two cups and splitting it and the woman didn’t look like she understood English but didn’t object so we just kept doing whatever. But then when we went to the coffee bar to put in the milk and sugar, we split the cups and the lady came rushing over like no you cannot do that. But we explained that it’s just one cup of coffee split into to cups, but she would just not have it. I guess she thought we were stealing or something but we weren’t! In fact, we wanted less coffee not more! So she actually poured back one of the coffees into the other cup which I thought was so rudely funny and then we were like uh okay… and left. It was so bizarre but hilarious at the same time.

Next we met up with all the students and we walked over to Kensington Market. I trailed at the end of the class and spoke with some students the whole way. They were really nice, they talked to me as if I was a classmate and taught me a few Spanish words. This is what I learned “El sol es muy caliante” meaning the sun is very hot! That’s all I’ve got… Then we arrived at Kensington Market and all the students split up to eat lunch. Diane and I went to some Spanish food place and she got something (I don’t remember but it was very Spanish) and I got a burrito. Since her food came first she went to find a spot for us, then I went to join her and noticed that she was sitting with a bunch of random people that she just befriended. It was such an awesome experience! We talked about all our different lives and where they came from and a bunch of random stuff. One of the ladies was in her 60s and the other looked like she was in her 40s, and I noticed that we were all different ages and ethnicities. That’s the cool thing about Toronto, how multicultural it is! After we finished our food, we parted ways and said our goodbyes. Something super memorable was when she was retelling me the story of why she sat with them, she said “I’m waiting for my friend” as in me and I died! I didn’t know that she would even consider putting that label on us, because we’re not exactly co-workers and I’m not her student teacher. But I don’t know, that just stayed with me and it’s so nice.

Next, we went to Fika and I got an iced coffee and she got an Americano. My iced coffee was funky. There was cardamom in it which tastes like an essential oil and then when the guy put a piece of mint in it, he smashed it with his hand and then we both look at each other and die of laughter. But not in front of him of course. After that, we meet up with the students and head back on the school bus so that we can go back to school.

It was such a memorable day for me! I’m so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go on a field trip again this year, and every year during my Prac. It was an invaluable experience and I will definitely try to take my classes on a bunch of trips when I become a teacher.

Until next time!

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