Thursday, 5 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Four

So I figured that instead of writing what I did everyday chronilogically, it would be much more practical and beneficial if I wrote about teaching methods I learned. During first period I observed a grade 10 class and this time I was a lot more interactive. It's just easier now that I'm getting into the swing of things and learning how to engage in conversation with the students. It's really nice to see how the students are becoming more comfortable around me and asking questions. Like this girl was like "Miss. Zhang what does this mean?" And even though it was a simple question like that I loved it, it made me feel wanted as a teacher.

In second period I observed a grade 9 class I believe, and I really enjoyed first period because the kids were a tiny bit more rowdy and talkative. I noticed that one of the kids who would just sit in class and not do work started to work a little harder when I helped him. I think that since he didn't quite understand the instructions, he didn't want to try. But I told him a little method that helped me understand and he was able to work better which was so so encouraging to see.

For lunch, I ate in the Moderns office and Amélie and I just chilled and talked. Then during Prep she showed me a bunch of IEP reports of her students with exceptionalities. It was exactly like what we did in school so I was quite familiar with it. I found that they weren't very in depth but that's okay it's hard to write details for so many students. Many of them didn't really have any diagnosed exceptionalities, just learning problems which is not serious. Then for last period she let me stay in the office to work on my lesson plan for tomorrow and now I feel kind of nervous? But not really because the kids are so good, so it should be fine. Just a little worried about my French speaking abilities but Amélie says that I'm fine so that's encouraging.

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