Thursday, 12 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Nine

Today was a pretty chill day and guess what? I taught a grade 10 French class! So apparently Amélie emailed me that she would be coming in late to school because she felt sick but I didn’t see the email because I don’t have Wi-Fi. However, fear not I kept myself busy by preparing for my lesson plan on Friday and I even printed out worksheets and everything in that hour of first period Prep. When she came in later, she told me that she was losing her voice and was going to teach a very subdued version of her lesson plan because she felt sick. But I suggested that I would teach that grade 10 class because I already prepared the lesson anyway and I wanted her to watch me present since she wasn’t going to be there tomorrow. I thought it would help her out a lot since I wanted the students to have a good lesson so I might as well teach something interesting.

For my lesson, I started off with an activity where the students had to walk around interviewing each other in their table groups. Then they would write down their results in tally form on the board for the class to see. For example, one of the groups were in charge of “légumes préférés” so they had to find 10 people’s favourite vegetable and if they overlapped then they would need to make a tally. I think this went well but it was honestly hard to explain in French because I never really rehearsed it but the example that I did with the sports helped them understand. Next, I had them watch the “Le dîner” video with participation then had them read it in their groups out loud and made sure they paid attention to pronunciation. Finally, I had some volunteers read it out loud which was really nice. Then I had them look at this vocabulary page and took up the answers on the board with the computer to encourage oral communication. Next was an écoutez exercise that they had to listen 3 times then we took up the answers. Last activity was a multiple choice whiteboard game which became super competitive but I think that the students liked it and everyone was super engaged. And that was all for my lesson, it was a little rocky at first with the French but then I got more comfortable.

Next was lunch and I just stayed in the office and ate and updated Amélie on what Diane and I did on the field trip. I met the substitute teacher I will be observing for Amélie and it was so awkward because he came in when I had a mouth of spaghetti so I probably looked like a slob, but whatever. Next period was just going to be for reading so I stayed in the office and did some marking for Amélie and those writing things I swear take a lot of time, I also printed some worksheets for her. Next, for last period I went to her grade 9 class and they had presentations. They were so funny, since it was a spontaneous restaurant role play. She set up a pretend table in the middle of the class and the students had to pretend to be a waiter and customers. It was such an interesting way for evaluation and really creative.

It was a fun day indeed, despite having to teach so spontaneously but that’s what the job calls for!

Until next time!

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