Saturday, 14 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Ten

TGIF! Today Amélie wasn’t here so I had to follow a substitute teacher around all day. He was a really cool guy full of stories from his travels but to be honest that’s all he talked about! All he talked about was his most recent travel to whatever place, and that’s really awesome but it felt a little conceited. As a person, he is so nice and genuine but as a teacher I found him to be quite mean and strict. For the first class, it was a really quiet grade 9 class that never really likes to talk but that was so painful to observe. I think his approach was a little too aggressive with making them talk on the spot and singling them out but personally I wouldn’t do that. It is difficult to make them talk I understand but maybe I would’ve resorted to making them do table work and talk within their own groups. I felt kind of bad for the kids because they looked so scared about being called upon. Next period was better because the class was better but time flew by faster. The students participated and talked so it made everything okay.

For lunch, he ate with Diane and I in the office and he talked about his travels of course, and then I had to pretend to be absolutely interested in his life since he talks so much about himself. I get that these places are really awesome and cool but he kept talking about it so it got annoying to be honest. Then after that we went for a walk with the other teachers around the perimeter of the school yard and the whole time I had to pee so bad but I held it in. The teacher Ms. Soni and the office admin Angela were so nice and I really enjoyed talking to them the whole time. After lunch I asked Ms. Soni if I could observe her class and she had grade 11 college English and they had presentations which I love to watch. The students had to recite 8 lines from Macbeth and it didn’t seem like they cared/put a lot of effort into doing it which kind of sucked. I wish they would try harder to learn because it didn’t look like they cared. Although they were a fun, lively group I wish they would appreciate learning English more. In the last class, I observed Heather’s grade 10 class and I just love going to her classes. First off, she is so nice and makes me feel like a person and second of all she teaches really well. She always tells me the funniest stories and is really open which I like because she was able to confide in me about her divorce and her friend’s wedding problems/affair which was hilarious. The students watched the ending of Romeo and Juliet and then did some table work at the end while I talked to Heather. It was a pretty good day overall and next week is already my last week!

Until next time!

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