Thursday, 19 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Fourteen

Today was an alright day, it was super exhausting though that's for sure. There was a new supply teacher today, although I didn't get to see who he/she was unfortunately but that's because I thought it was too awkward. But for the whole morning basically the first two periods and lunch, I helped Diane organize her tostada sale which was quite a lot of work. We had to set up a lot of stuff and cook everything and lay out a bunch of stuff. She also had to do a run through and show them how much proportions to put on each tostada too which was cool. I would've never thought to do that if I didn't see this whole process. I was so exhausted because I was on my feet all day and helping run things and made sure that everything went smoothly, and this went through lunch.

Then for the next period I helped Nancy with her college English class and it was fun being able to go around to each student and help them come up with ideas. I just think it's so annoying when you're like okay start on your work and the student mills around and retraces their letters to pretend to do their work until you leave. Like no honey, I know what you're trying to do and it's not working on me, haha. Anyway, so for the last period I just stayed in the office and tried to make a lesson plan but it did not work to be honest. I was so exhausted and distracted so now I have to work hard tomorrow to make a good lesson.

Until next time!

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