Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Seven

Today was a good day at school, and I was on time! We started off the day with a grade 10 French class where I did my normal duties as a student teacher. I observed and helped out where I could, nothing too special or anything that stood out to me. However, one thing I must say is that I really like incorporating the chalkboard, where students write their answers on the board. It gives them the chance to get up and stretch their feet and gives the teacher the opportunity to asses their level of understanding.

Next period was Prep and I just looked for resources for my lesson plan on Friday. Most of the period I spent looking at the collection of French board games in the office. There’s a lot of cool stuff like this Snakes and Ladders type game where you have to answer questions in order to advance in the game, and there was also Boggle which can be a really cool game.

At lunch I ate in the office, then I went on a “power walk” with Diane and one of the office admins. That was a really cool opportunity to talk to the other teachers as well as enjoy the beautiful weather outside. After lunch I followed Heather to her last 2 classes. The first one was really fun, it was a grade 11 class and the entire class was basically for discussion and group work. I stayed with this one table that I thought was more rowdy in order to keep them on task but we did stray a lot. They asked me a ton of university related questions and how to get into a good school, my views on summer schooling English, and a ton of questions. It was honestly so fun being able to answer and talking with them. So because this class went so well I expected the last class to be fun but it was death. All we did was read Romeo and Juliet, and by we I meant Heather. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Heather but I feel like there are more fun and more interactive ways to read Shakespeare like role playing. But that concludes my day! Tomorrow’s the field trip and I’m stoked!

Until next time!

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