Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Thirteen

Today was an awesome day at high school! Amélie was still not here because of the flu and I had to observe Jurgan again. I'm starting to see that he is a really genuine and awesome guy but his teaching style is just so darn old fashioned. He doesn't notice that speaking at the kids for the whole time is not a great way for them to be engaged because everyone loses focus and then he gets mad that they're not participating. So first period we had a Prep so I just worked on my IEP during that time and wrote a summer to-do list for Brandon and I (so professional I know), then after that I went with him to teach a grade 10 French class and it was alright. I don't really remember what happened, just that he gave them a giant speech about how they should participate more. I think that they really should participate more and he is right in that aspect but I also think he should be more accommodating to their needs as students. At lunch, I ate in the office with Diane and Jurgan then we went on a power walk as usual and it was all very pleasant.

After lunch I observed a grade 11 French class and it went quite well, there was really good conversation all around and focus. Then for the last period, I went to observe Heather's grade 11 English class and I could tell that she didn't feel well. So I did what I could do best to help, I walked around and made sure all the students were on task and that they started their projects. It was a really chill period once again, I just talked to al the students about life and what not and helped spark their creativity for their project. It was a good day today! Two more days!

Until next time!

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