Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Second Year Teaching Placement: Day Three

Today was a good and sort of slow day at high school. It started off terrible though because I was so late to school. I overestimated my getting ready time and the bus came later than I thought, so I arrived 10 minutes late. But when I went into the classroom no one was there, so one of the English teachers had to open the door to the Moderns office for me. Then I walked around everywhere looking for Amélie and the class but they were no where to be seen so I went to the office and one of the admins Jackson helped me look for her. Then we saw her and the class in the classroom and that was so awkward because I said that she wasn't there. Anyway, it was all good in the end.

The first class that I observed was a grade 10 class and it was good since there was a routine. We watched a video, had the students discuss what vocabulary words they heard. This time I walked around and engaged in the student's conversation which was so much more fun than sitting in the back. Next Amélie did some listening tests and a few activities in the textbook and I don't really remember what else.

Next period was Prep which was blessed because it means we get a break. For Prep she gave me a ton of resources so that I could use for my first lesson on Friday oh god. I'm starting with an activity that includes matching leisure activity pictures to the words, and then another activity that's like bingo and it says "find someone who likes to ____" and it's related to les loisirs. Finally, I'm going to read the "le football" text out loud to the students, then show them the video, and have them read it out loud in their groups.

For lunch I ate in the Moderns office and it was really fun! I spoke with Diane and Amélie about random stuff. Diane is so so nice and so easy to talk to. She's the primary Spanish teacher and teaches one French class. Then me, Amélie, Diane and another teacher went for a walk outside. It was so nice, if I become a teacher I want to do those little things with them. Also, I told them a story and they were like "you're a teacher! you have teacher instinct!" and that made me so happy.

After lunch was grade 9 French and we did the same standard format as period 1, and for period 4 it was grade 11 French and that was fun because the students were nice and talked and discussed with me. I enjoyed the interactions with the students and I was a little bit of a phony because when a student asked me what 'boeuf bourguinon" was I made up an answer. But yeah that's all!

Until next time!

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