Monday, 15 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Eleven

Today was a pretty chill day, we had grade 9 applied English first period and they worked on their presentations and then presented them. Honestly it was so adorable because some of them were so nervous and had shaky voices and all, I couldn't help by smile the whole time. After that we watched a movie called "Stand by Me" and it was so good! We only watched maybe the first third of the movie but I really enjoyed it so far. Next period was grade 12 and we continued to watch the Marshall McLuhan documentary which I found to be quite intellectual and interesting because we related media and technology to how we are today. After that was lunch which was good, and then during fourth period we had grade 12 once again and I watched the same documentary. Last period was Prep and I made my handouts for tomorrow's lesson. I'm kind of nervous and not at the same time it's difficult to say. It took me forever trying to understand the printer and the ink got all over my arm because the paper jammed, but it all worked out and I'm ready to teach!

Until next time!

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