Thursday, 11 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Nine

Nope, you are not mistaken. Day eight doesn't exist because I was sick yesterday and had to take the day off. I was just completely bed ridden, head throbbing, sore throat, aching body, and all that jazz. So I decided that it would be in my best interest both physically and mentally to take the day off to rest. Today was a pretty standard day, started the day off with grade 12s and we just watched a documentary about Marshall McLuhan "the medium is the message" all that fun stuff about technology and society. It was quite advanced materially actually and I vaguely remember talking about it in first year sociology. Second period was grade 9 applied English and we finished some questions, read the end of the novel, and then I went around helping students with their summative assignments. Next was lunch and it was quite regular, less teachers today for some reason. A little bit of teacher gossip happened and I was like wow I'm in on the dirt. Just kidding, but it was funny. After that we had Prep where I just prepared for my lessons tomorrow, still need to get the white boards from Moderns tomorrow. And last period ended with grade 12 English again where I had the pleasure of watching the same documentary. That's all! Tomorrow I teach all day!

Until next time!

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