Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Thirteen

Today was an incredibly chill day, mostly work periods. In first period we had grade 12 English and it was a work period so I just went on the computer and did my own course work. I completed my long list of vocabulary words and formatted my Google docs until it looked just the way I liked. Next we had grade 9 applied first period and I didn't help too much because they were doing their summative. I didn't think that I could help too much because I think it was meant to be an independent assessment but I was able to watch more of "Stand by Me" which was great. During lunch we had some pretty funny conversation topics, all of which I cannot recall right now. After lunch was Prep where I just did more coursework and talked to my host teacher. During last period it was grade 12 English with the same work period. So I worked on my coursework for Health again which was pretty productive.

Until next time!

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