Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Three

Today was not a bad day, we started with grade 9 in the morning which was nice. We did the usual routine of taking up questions and reading the book out loud. Towards the last half of the class I was able to help a girl work on her paragraph which she seemed to be struggling with. So we had to compare "The First Stone" to text, world, or self and I was trying to help her come up with an example. It was so rewarding to see her open up to me and reveal how her connection to the book was her involvement in fights. And she even told me that she doesn't feel like she fits in at school and that she wants to go back to Oshawa even though it's not the best place to live. I guess it is really difficult for her to feel like an outsider and stick out so much at a predominantly Asian school as someone who isn't Asian.

Next period was grade 12 and I don't really remember too well what happened. But probably similar fashion of reading the novel and answering questions, I remember talking with various people about their university choices for next year and all that fun stuff which was enjoyable. Then for lunch it was back to the staff room and it was not so bad today, and then after that we had grade 12 again and I just talked to students for most of the class about university again. Then for the last period it was Prep and I was so incredibly sleepy but I had to read some articles that I might want to teach next week and that was interesting. We'll see how tomorrow goes! Almost the end of the week!

Until next time!

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