Friday, 12 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Ten

Today was one hectic day! I taught every lesson today at school. So starting with period one we had grade 9 English and I taught a lesson for the whole class, which basically was an article about the refugee crisis in America. I made one student at each table read, and if they were unwilling to read I made a spinner that was lettered from A-D which each student was assigned to a letter. That allowed fate/randomness to choose who would read because they would be unwilling if I made them. After each paragraph I roughly summarized what happened in case they weren't paying attention. I had 4 stations with questions and activities where they had to use what they learned from reading the text and apply it. Finally, I had a trivia round where I gave each group a whiteboard and marker and they had to answer questions and were assigned points. That got really competitive but I think there was a good response from the kids. At the end I had exit tickets where they could write one thing they learned or leave a message for me and I saw some pretty sweet ones like "you're a really good teacher" and "I hope you teach here at Bethune." Although, I haven't taken a look at all of them yet, those are the ones that I took a peek at.

Next period was grade 10, and I prepared a little lesson about coming of age stories, so I played hangman for the word "bildungsroman" and then I explained what that was, and then I had a short interview round where the students were free to ask us any questions. I guess that was sort of fun for them because they didn't have to work and they also were able to hear about us. Next was lunch which was a good break, at Prep I didn't really do anything. And for the final period, it was grade 9 English again where I had to do the lesson once more which was hard on my voice I guess because I lost it by the end of the class. I gave out candy at the end, and received some pretty awesome notes. How exhausting it is to be a teacher!

Until next time!

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