Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Twelve

Today I got to teach 2 lessons! We had grade 10 English first period and I just observed and did nothing basically. During second period I was able to teach grade 9 English and I taught a lesson about graphic texts. I started off by showing a Buzzfeed video about bullet journals and showed how it was related to graphic texts. Then I gave a handout with an infographic on it, read it out loud and also made a really cute worksheet that I read out loud as well. Gave some class time for them to work on the questions and then took them up. Finally, I gave them some time to practice bullet journal styled writing and doodles which I think was fun. Most of them didn't even know that they were low key learning because I think that they enjoyed it. After that was lunch which was nice, and then the period after I did the same thing all over again. Had some pretty great exit cards which had things like complimenting my personality and how I made English fun which was quite encouraging. And during Prep I did nothing because there's nothing more to do anymore. Fun day!

Until next time!

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