Thursday, 4 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Four

It's almost the end of the week and I cannot be happier! Today was a pretty good day, started the day off with a grade 10 class where we just took up questions and read the book as usual but I just read this other book that the teacher gave me. It's a really aesthetic and cool book because it goes through the whole history of literature and major novels of each time period and I saw texts like Madame Bovary, Fleurs du Mal, Jane Eyre, etc in there which was cool to see. After that I helped out the Spanish club with their tostada sales which was fun. I recognized many students from last year and a few came to say 'hello' to me which was cute. There were different stations for the various ingredients that were going to go into the tostadas and I just "supervised" and tried to help organize that but many of them were very independent. I also went to supervise this teacher's class for the last 15 minutes, I don't know if I was allowed to but I did anyway. I just let them have free time to be honest and just scrolled the laptop for articles haha.

After that I helped out all throughout lunch, and by help I mean supervise. That pretty much lasted throughout the entire lunch, and I also got a free tostada which was nice. After that we had grade 9s and I just went to the back of the room and used the internet for my own online course which I was so glad about. I was quite productive, and I'm almost done the readings. After that was Prep where I just continued to work on my own readings again and did a little bit of lesson planning that I will do next week. I'm actually going to teach an entire day which is honestly crazy, like 3 classes. But that will put my count to 3/5 so it will make it go by faster.

Until next time!

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