Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Seven

Today I was randomly overcome with the flu so I felt quite ill for the whole day, stuffy nose, sore throat, exhaustion and all that fun stuff. First period was applied grade 9 English and that was actually alright, the kids were good for the most part and those two troublemaking girls came halfway through the class. We just focused on reading the novel and answering questions. After that was grade 12 and I basically talked to Brandon the whole time and did some of my own coursework which was nice. After that was lunch, and I actually got to stay in the classroom with access to the Chromebook for the whole period because my teacher was doing a teachers versus students trivia competition. I was able to video chat Brandon and do some more course work. After that was grade 12 english where I just worked on my own homework again, and since I did not feel too good I went home early.

Until next time!

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