Friday, 5 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Five

Today is the last day of the week! I'm so happy that we've come to the end of the first week after a long one. Today we started with grade 12s and it was a work period so I just went on the Chromebook and looked up content for my grade 9 lesson next next week on how to read graphic texts. I also got to talk to Brandon on Facebook secretly so that was such a pleasant surprise. After that was a grade 9 applied class which was hectic. I helped some students with their paragraphs and there were these 2 girls that were so unfocused and unmotivated. They're probably going to fail the class but I tried my best to make them interested in what they were doing but because they both distracted each other and were playing with each other the whole class it was not very productive. More like me doing all the work and squeezing some information out of them so it isn't entirely me writing everything down. I also noticed a hickey on one of the girl's neck so that shows a lot about what kind of students I was helping...

During lunch it was quite pleasant, I felt more included now that I was able to contribute a little conversation about those girls I worked with and the ongoing concern about them from the perspectives of the other teachers. After lunch we had Prep where Mrs. Anderson and I talked mostly about Queen's and how it was different from when she went and when I went. I researched a little bit more for my graphic text lesson and then after that was grade 12s which was a chill work period again. I finalized my lesson plans 4/5 of them and had Mrs. Anderson review them for some feedback. I start 3/5 lessons next Wednesday which is crazy! That's like teaching an entire day.

Until next time!

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