Thursday, 18 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Fourteen

Today was a really good chill day. Started off the day with grade 9 English and it was a work period so I just read some of the essays that the grade 9s handed in that were already marked. I think it's quite laborious to mark all those below average grade 9 essays because it's all the same and mostly 75% quality. There was this one kid who said the sweetest thing, he said, "I miss Miss. Zhang's lessons" and I died. It's because they had to work on their assignments and couldn't play games with me. After that was grade 10 English and the first half of the class was a work period and the last half we watched Napoleon Dynamite. There is a kid in that class who is basically Napoleon, an uncanny resemblance. It was a pretty funny movie, surprised that I haven't seen it before. Lunch was chill and I was so glad because I was so hungry. After lunch was Prep where I just did some coursework. Last period was grade 12 and the first half was a work period and for the last bit I showed a Worth It Buzzfeed video and they loved it. One more day!

Until next time!

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