Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Six

I forgot to write on this day whoops, but I had a good day at school and time went by fast. In the grade 10 class we did some quiet time for essay writing where I just read the paper with Mrs. Anderson and man did I feel like an adult. We were reading the Toronto Star at our desks and discussing what was in the paper haha. After that she had a little activity planned where they had to make a graffiti word based on an ideology and I drew a little graffiti example on the board which was fun. I got to walk around the classroom and see what the students were doing and offer help. In the next grade 11 class, we continued the book and answered some questions then it was already lunch. Lunch was pretty chill, don't really remember since it was a while ago. After that we had grade 10 again and I drew another example of graffiti and I really enjoy writing on the chalkboard. That's all I can remember!

Until next time!

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