Friday, 19 May 2017

Third Year Teaching Placement: Day Fifteen

Today is the last day of my undergrad placement! It was once again a super chill day, we had grade 9s first period and they had a work period so I just read the yearbook because it was being distributed that day. Next period was grade 12 which was also a work period and I just went on the computer and did some coursework. Next was lunch and it was extended a bit longer today because of a BBQ. There was a hilarious discussion about where would you go if civilization fell and they were all like I'd go to the zoo to eat the animals there. I honestly would've just let myself die because I don't want to fight against other people, and natural selection would take me out anyway. After that was grade 12 again where I just did my own coursework and answered a few questions about university. At the end of the day I left during Prep because there's nothing more for me to do. I gave her the book "Milk and Honey" and Reese's and she really liked it. Good year of placement!

Until next time!

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